A very exhausting Asia trip (2 of 6)

Even though we had a very tiring journey to Manado the day before, I still got up early to stick with the schedule, how? Jet lag!!!!!!! I woke up at 3 am due to the time difference, and went back to bed about 4 am. Breakfast is served at 6:30am, diving photography workshop at about 7:30am and we get on the boat at about 8 am. The next couple days are just routine like this.

But the first morning we were there, I had plenty of time before my morning routine so I walked around the resort to check out the pools and amenities. The wet bar next to the pools is sure look inviting, but none of the divers actually hang out at the pool as everybody got dead tired at the end of the diving day.

The pool at the resort is very big.

All the rooms area actually around the pool, so each unit has and pool view balcony.

Every few hundred yard, you would see some local themed statue, this one look like the native drummer.

I have no idea what monkey has to do with Indonesia culture, oh well.

The sun gets bright very quick, and it get hot and humid in no time. Not sure if it’s because we are in South East Asia, or it’s because we’re very close to the ocean.

The resort do have very nice pool amenities, but too bad I don’t have anyone interested to want to hang out at the pool since everyone basically has their own couple to hang out with.

I never seen the pool actually being use as it gets very dark at night when people hangout at the pool, so I have no idea what those mini island is for.

So, back to the diving routine. Once it’s about 6:30 am, it’s time to head out to the jetty area for breakfast. It seems like there are some fishing boats in the area as well.

For next couple days, we see the same gorgeous blue sky, clear reflective ocean.

From a distance, you see mountain that resemble a volcano mountain.

As you get close to some beach, you can’t help but notice how clear the water is.

Even though the islands have beach, we never step foot on them because our diving schedule is very tight.

Almost every corner you look, you see green mountain, clear water, blue sky and fluffy white clouds!

One of the islands has more population than the rest.

The people on the islands are all Christian, and they have many churches!

Most of the people on the island are fisherman, duh!

Once in a while, even though our dive boat is moving, with enough patience I manage to get some post card quality photo.

The color on the fisherman boat add more interested to the blue and white scenery.

When the tide is low, the fisherman also come out to the shallow area to catch their food.

Every day we go out from 8 am until 5:30pm, at the end of the day, which is the scene we see on our way back to the resort, how great is that!

The diving at Manado area is quite diverse, we had a couple macro dive where I see frog fish for the first time.

One of the other cool thing I saw was hairy crab.

The photography workshop we have been having the past couple days were about wide angle photography.

I borrow a strobe for the trip organizer, and not having experience using one, this is as good as I can get when come to wide angle photography with strobe.

There are so many thing involve in underwater photography, but I would say composition is probably one of my strength.

Since I have a new camera for this trip, I had a lot of learning curve and didn’t have time to master the camera before bringing it into the water. At shallow depth, it was kind of hard to control the light, especially with a not so ergonomic camera housing.

Photographing school of fish is quite challenging, my mentality was wanting to fit as many fish into the frame as possible but don’t have a super wide angle lens. But with luck, the right balance of reef and fish actually make up a pretty good picture, I just with the color and the strobe was set right.

Shooting wide angle underwater is quite fun and very relaxing for sure. There were time I just drift along the flow of the ocean and facing the coral wall and looking for things to photography, I could have sleep under the water!

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3 Responses to A very exhausting Asia trip (2 of 6)

  1. Glynn says:

    Beautiful underwater photography. You have such interesting and varied hobbies. Whatever happened to Oreo, your dog? You never mention or show photos of him recently. I hope he is ok.

  2. Moses says:

    Thanks Glynn! Sorry I haven’t update my blog for a while. Hopefully I can update my blog more often in 2014! As for Oreo, he somehow become camera shy! Everytime I have a camera point at him, he looks away. He even know there is camera on the phone! May be I can sneak in some camera from time to to capture his silliness!

  3. Joey says:

    Moses, I miss your updates.

    I understand you moved to Florida? Hope you update your blog sooner than later.


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